Sea Battle

A online multiplayer impelementation of Battleship for Android, written as project in a school subject during spring 2015. The app is built with libGDX, while we used Node, Express and PostgreSQL for the backend.


CrowdShelf is a platform for sharing books between friends, and was built as a project at NTNU during the fall of 2015. I worked on the backend which was written in Node with Express, with data saved in MongoDB. The group also made native apps for both iOS and Android. The API was documented with Swagger.

Norways largest website for buying and selling used books. Contributed to this project for about two years, as a volunteer at "Studentmediene i Trondheim" (a media company by and for students in Trondheim). The backend's built with PHP using the framework CodeIgniter, and the frontend with jQuery and some Angular.


A small web app for organising suggestions for different projects, and let users up- and downvote them. It's written in Meteor.


A simple blog and CMS written in the Meteor framework as an exercise.


A simple chat application written in the Meteor framework. It was used an example for how easy it is to build something fast with Meteor, in a presentation I held at JavaZone Academy 2014 in Trondheim.


Another chat application. This one is written in Java, and provides a CLI to the user. It has both a server and client program, and communicates through JSON-objects built with a library called simple-json.


A simple application, written in Vue, that calculates how much you need of different taco ingredients, depending on how many people who're gonna eat.


A chat app written with Node and as an exercise.